What does being a Church School mean? Well firstly it is about the way the school is structured. We are a ‘Voluntary Aided’ school, which means the Church of England owns the land and buildings and in addition the governing body, which includes Godmanchester’s vicar and six other church appointments, is responsible for employing the staff and running the school. However we are still largely funded via the public purse, with money allocated to us via the local authority and we must follow the national curriculum. 

For us, being a church school is more than the organisational structure.  We are a place where Christian values are brought to life and lived. Our aim is for each member of the school community to be known as an individual and cared for as an individual. 

We are a happy, caring school and we use this atmosphere to ensure every child to achieves as highly as possible in a great variety of different ways. We know our children are on a journey of discovery and we aim to make sure that it is an outstanding journey of discovery.

That means we are passionate about providing each child with an outstanding education but also that we develop all aspects of each child; the spiritual, the emotional, the physical and social. 

We have interpreted the national curriculum to deliver a creative education to our children. We encourage pupils to discover for themselves the answers rather than simply learn them from us. Of course some things must be learned off by heart, such as times-tables, but even in maths it is crucial that children have the opportunity to make discoveries because that is the way we believe real learning occurs.

From the earliest days of your child’s life at St Anne’s we will be encouraging them to think about their wider social responsibility. We want St Anne’s children to leave us in Year Six as confident, caring pupils. 

A copy of our Aims & Values can be found here.

Nurturing young people to be open, respectful of each other and to value diversity

We commit to nurturing children that have these qualities through our Aims & Values, the St Anne's Spirit, Collective Worship and our approach to teaching and learning. We promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and, within this, fundamental British values. Every child is recognised as having unique talents and every child is treated equally, irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, disability or religion. Although we are a Church of England primary school, our curriculum and Collective Worship also encompass and celebrate the major world religions. The importance of respect for different religions is an important part of this learning and we go beyond this aim to promote valuing of diversity.

We plan time and activities that enable pupils to explore sensitive or controversial issues, and equip them with the knowledge and skills to understand and manage difficult situations. We teach children to recognise and manage risk, make safer choices, and recognise when pressure from others threatens their personal safety and well-being; this includes radicalisation.