Class 1

Welcome to Class 1. 

Last term we were working on the topic of 'Dinosaurs' . This term we are joining our topic work with class 2 and going on a journey around the world with our favorite fish friend Nemo! We are expecting to visit lots of exciting places and learning all about the 7 continents, interesting countries and cultures well as famous landmarks. Find out more about our topic by clicking here.


Dinosaur hunt

Last term the topic was 'Dinosaurs'. One morning the children were told that a mysterious footprint had been found in the Forest School area and they were sent out to investigate!

The children enjoyed measuring and talking about the footprints they found and wanted to search the whole of the school grounds for more evidence of possible dinosaur visitors!


At St Anne's we are always finding ways to make the curriculum come to life! Every child is unique and they learn in different ways. By providing a variety of exciting and challenging experiences, children are able to use all their senses to learn new things and apply their knowledge in differnt ways.



The outdoors is an just as much a learning environment as the classroom. At St Anne's we endeavor to make the most of the outdoors all year round. All the children in KS1 take part in Forest Schools once a week and the school has developed an internal courtyard area that allows all KS1 children to access outdoor learning every day.