Curriculum Vision and Aims

Curriculum Vision

Our aim is to offer the children of St Anne’s a safe, rich and engaging school experience where children develop independence and a lifelong love of learning. We continually provide opportunities for children to be partners in their learning journey and to work alongside staff to achieve their full potential. Our Christian Ethos underpins all we do and is the basis to developing respect and understanding within all members of our school community.

Curriculum Aims:

  • To provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment underpinned on Christian Values.
  • To offer a diverse range of learning experiences that are engaging creative and develop key skills within individual children.
  • To promote confidence and independence and a love for lifelong learning.
  • To give everyone the opportunity to fulfil their highest potential, both academically, and in respect of their wider interests and talents.
  • To offer a wide range of enrichment activities and experiences, including after school clubs and educational visits.
  • To provide high quality teaching by staff who are well trained, highly motivated and well supported.
  • To encourage children to become partners in their own learning by setting achievable goals and working together to enable children to become more aware of their own preferred learning styles. 

St Anne’s is undergoing a review of its curriculum. This is a long term project that will develop over the course of 2017-2018.

The school is using a variety of materials as a basis for this development, there include:

  • Curriculum overview from Herts for Learning, specifically for English and Science.
  • White Rose teaching and planning resources in relation to Math's.
  • Real PE materials in the development of the PE curriculum.
  • Understanding Christianity materials for use within the RE curriculum

Click on the following links to give you more details about the school wide Curriculum plans that the school is using to develop its curriculum.

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In February 2017, the school made changes to the way it was delivering Math's across all year groups.

The school now uses planning and teaching materials from the White Rose schemes of work as well as adopting the White Rose calculation policy.

This now ensures that children are being taught all areas of the National Curriculum with an emphasis on 'Mastery'. It offers children to opportunity to apply math's in a range of different concepts and develops problem solving and reasoning.

There is a web page that gives further details regarding the Math's Curriculum, please click below.



The delivery of the English Curriculum at St Anne's is currently under review and new planning and teaching resources are being trialed. All areas of the National Curriculum are being met in all year groups through guidance from the adopted planning formats available from Herts for Learning.

In September 2016, the school introduced the Accelerated Reader program in school to support the delivery of reading throughout all year groups.

In September 2016 the delivery of Phonics within the school was reviewed. Phonics is taught formally within Reception, year 1 and year 2 through the use of the Letters and Sounds phase strategy. This is then used within KS2 as required and supported with the specific teaching of spellings in all year groups.

There is a web page that gives further details of the schools English Curriulum, please clck the link below,



The Science Curriculum within St Anne's focuses upon the main aspects of the National Curriculum through the teaching of key skills, knowledge and scientific concepts that enable children in 'Working Scientifically'.

The schemes of work are supported by Herts for Learning planning formats and documents.

Whilst Science is taught weekly across the school in various different ways, St Anne's also has a Science week each year to coincide where possible with National Science week. This is a chance for the whole school to come together in their learning on a specific scientific area. We believe this not only raises the profile of Science across the school but also celebrates it!

For more information on the schemes of work and on Science Week please click below which will take you to our specific Science webpage.