Foundation Stage at St Anne's

“An Outstanding journey of discovery for every child”

Every child is unique. Every child learns differently. Every child is valued. Every child is precious.

These are the fundamental beliefs of the teachers and staff of St Anne’s reception class. It is our pleasure to be able to start each child off on their outstanding journey of discovery at our school, working closely with parents from the very beginning to give each child a confident and happy start as they begin their educational journey.

Presenting learning through real life, first hand experiences is essential. We provide opportunities for independent playing and learning both inside and outside of the classroom on a daily basis, which are relevant to the children and their fascinations. Opportunities and resources are provided for the children to develop their own large scale projects such as building car ramps with drain pipes and we spend time each week outside in the natural environment taking part in Forest school. The children’s learning is introduced through a weekly theme such as M is for Me or F is for Forces. All of these learning experiences allow the children to have time to practice new skills, ask questions and develop their knowledge and understanding.

Class R at St Anne’s is a place where the foundations of learning are nurtured and where children become committed and resilient learners who love learning.