At St Anne's we ensure that our mathematics curriculum fully embraces the three key areas of the national curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. To help the children develop their skills and understanding, we use an approach where we encourage them to 'Say it,' 'Build it,' 'Draw it' and 'Write it.'

We firmly believe that this emphasis on practical experience, talk, and conceptual understanding, underpins the development of skilled and curious mathematicians who can make conjectures, generalisations and prove their understanding.

What our children say about............

Using 'Working Walls' in class:

I get it now because i can see what we did before
— Yr6 pupil
It’s useful to help me remember what we did before
— Yr4 pupil

Using 'Talk Partners':

It helps you learn what it means if you can explain it
— Yr 6 pupil
If you help someone else it makes their day and you feel warm inside.
— Yr3 pupil

Using 'Reasoning' throughout the teaching:

I never used to be able to explain why.....this pushes me to do it.
— Yr5 pupil
What springs to mind is the word ‘Because’
— Yr 6 pupil

The current calculation policy is sourced from the White Rose Maths hub and provides clear examples of the type of methods that we use at St Anne's. If you are unsure of how to support your child with homework, please speak to their teacher. Click here for a copy of the policy.

In addition, all children are registered on Skoolbo- use of this free web resource 2/3 times a week for 20 minutes can have an excellent impact on pupils' recall of number facts, as can regular home practice of tables etc. We are already proud to have answered over 250000 questions as a school and there is fierce competition each week to win the inflatable Skoolbo trophy which is awarded for the class with the highest accuracy percentage. If you are unsure of your child's login, please contact their class teacher.

maths eyes.jpg

Every week we hold a 'Maths Eyes' assembly. Every class is given the same picture and pupils are asked to write a question (and answer!) inspired by the photo. A selection of these are discussed in assembly to model quality problem solving and reasoning to all.

Here is an example of one of the pictures presented to the children.

Question examples from our fabulous children........

12973 people are in the stands, Sunderland have 11257 supporters at the game and are winning!
How many Liverpool fans are at the game?
If there were 125 people holding red flags and 60 people holding white flags, how many flags altogether?
If there are 4000 people in the crowd and one of the teams supporters are 1/8th of the crowd, how many people are supporting the other team?

What do our children think about Maths Eyes?...........

It engages us
— Yr4 pupil
We like the contexts
— Yr 6 pupil
We like seeing what the other classes have done and when Miss Sibson puts the glasses on!
— Yr 2 pupil

Build it         Say it          Draw it        Write it

We love maths at St Annes and we hope our children do too!