Manager - Sammii Steed

Sammii has been with St Anne's OSC for many years initially starting off as a Playworker and progressing to Manager.
As well as managing the OSC, Sammii also works in the main school office at lunchtimes as well as in classes when needed.
Sammii enjoys arts and crafts and has a lot of pets including three chickens!

Favourite colour: Pink or gold
Favourite animal: Unicorn
Favourite OSC activity: Anything with glitter


Playworker - Ashleigh Hubbard

Ashleigh is a familiar face at St Anne's having worked with every year group at one point or another. She teaches Forest Schools lessons for KS1 and loves nature and the outdoors. Ashleigh enjoys all sports and will sometimes even join in the OSC football games!

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animal: Bunnies and puppies
Favourite OSC activity: Dodgeball or football if its not raining!

Audrey Wilson.jpg

Playworker - Charmaine Quigley

Charmaine works in the afternoon sessions at OSC. She is a lovely calm and soothing soul in the general sea of madness. Charmaine is a big hit with the younger children and enjoys story time and board games.

Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite animal: Rabbits
Favourite OSC activity: The dark game



Playworker - Audrey wilson

Audrey works in the afternoon sessions at OSC. She is such a sweet and kind person and is adored by all the children. Audrey enjoys baking and loves her dog!

Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite animal: Dogs
Favourite OSC activity: Making crafts