Breakfast & Snack


St Anne's OSC takes great care in promoting healthy eating and making sure we offer fresh fruit with every meal.

A fruit bowl is taken out every afternoon as children arrive and they are offered things like apples, pears, bananas and clementines.

The OSC follows the schools guidelines and is a strictly nut free zone.



Breakfast is available from 7:50am to 8:30am. It is set up every morning on our food table in the kitchen ready for the children. Breakfast is completely optional and it is up to the children whether they choose to have it or not.

Breakfast choices will normally be a few different cereals and a toasted option such as crumpets, croissants or toast.
Toppings for cereals and toasted options vary week to week but will include things like honey and freshly sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries, jam, butter, spreadable cheese, marmite and dried fruits like raisins.


Snack is available from about 3:30 and is packed away after everyone has been offered snack. Snack is completely optional for the children and it is their decision if they choose to have it or not.

The weekly snack menu varies based on many factors such as the success of products eaten the prior week and children's requests for what they would like.
Each week the snack theme will be chosen by an OSC child.
We normally offer a cereal and topper option and a bread based option. We find the most popular choices are things like ham or cheese sandwiches, a bowl of cereal, wraps and picky bits like cucumber sticks and hummus.

This weeks food options include:

  What better way to cool off after running on a hot day! Cold and refreshing with lots of fruit!

What better way to cool off after running on a hot day! Cold and refreshing with lots of fruit!

Please let us know if your child dislikes all the offered options for the week and we will ensure we find something alternative to offer them.

Current and Previous Menus:

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A member of staff is designated to the snack table each session, this is a lovely time to chat about the children's day, ensure foods on the table are kept hygienic and that food is safely consumed.

We encourage the children to be self sufficient in creating their plate/bowl of food. Children can butter their own bread, select and arrange their fillings and pour their own milk.