Sports Premium funding

Following the 2012 London Olympics, schools received additional funding to support the development of sport and physical activities for children. Each school was originally given £8000 and then an amount per child as a top up. In 2017, this has been increased to £16,000 per school.

Over the past few years the school had invested much of the sports premium funding into working with the Hunts Schools Sports Partnership, run by Hinchingbrooke school. This provided a range of coaching and mentoring opportunities for staff to help develop the wider PE and sports curriculum and to provide good quality skills based lessons.

Since September 2016 The school has also worked closely with a local sports provider called Just Do Sport. The organisation has helped to provide additional qualified coaches within school as well as high quality lunchtime and afterschool sport clubs.

In January 2017, the school employed a PE specialist teacher. This staff member is responsible for the whole school curriculum development and provision in regards to PE and sport.

Through participation in PE and along with our St Anne’s aims and values, pupils learn more about themselves as individuals and also the skills they need to play and perform in sporting competitions and events; as well as the skills to work co-operatively as part of a team.

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Please click here to be redirected to the DfE website which gives you further information on School Sports Funding.