Below you will find a summary of the results attained in statutory assessments throughout St Anne's.

A full set of data and comparisons as well as other information about our school, is published on the Governments 'Schools and Colleges performance tables' click here

In Reception the standard which is set as the expectation is known as Good Level of Development (GLD).

In Year 1 children take part in the Year 1 Phonics Check which involves the children using their phonics knowledge and skills to read real and nonsense words.

In Year 2 children are assessed in reading, writing and maths using a combination of tests and Teacher Assessment. It is the teacher's judgement which is reported.

Finally, at the end of Year 6 the children sit SATs tests in reading, mathematics, spelling and grammar. Writing is assessed by the teachers. (In 2016, the system of levels that has been used in Year 2 and Year 6 was be replaced by the DfE.)


Good Level of development (reception) = 76%         (National = 70% / Cambridgeshire = 70%)

Year 1 Phonics Check pass = 70%                                 (National = 81% / Cambridgeshire = 79%)

Year 2 Phonics Re-check Pass = 85%                            (National = 68% / Cambridgeshire 62%)

Year 2 SAT Test results:

Age Expected level:                Reading:              Writing:           Maths:

                         St Anne's             83%                     73%                   80%

               Cambridgeshire          74%                      64%                  72%

                           National           74%                       66%                  73%

Year 6 SAT Test Results:

Age Expected level:                 Reading:       Writing:         SP&G:       Maths:

                      St Anne's               80%                  76%                84%          60%

               Cambridgeshire          65%                 71%                -----            66%

                        National              66%                  74%                72%           70%




Good Level of Development (Reception) = 73%.

Year 1 Phonics Check pass = 77.4%.

Year 2:

st annes data 2015

Year 6:

st annes data 2015


Good Level of Development (Reception) = 77%. Cambridgeshire average = 61%. National figure = 60%.

Year 1 Phonics Check pass = 70%. National figure = 74%.

Year 2:

st annes data 2014

Year 6:

st annes data 2014


Each year we establish a set of priorities that will take us forward in our journey of improvement. We decide on the priorities by analysing our data and our monitoring of teaching and learning and by reflecting on the assessments of our school by Ofsted and other organisations such as the Local Authority. For each term we break the priorities down into individual actions and record them in our 'Journey Plan'.