Science Week 2017


Shepreth wildlife park visit

To start our Science week off, staff from Shepreth Wildlife Park visited the school and brought a selection of creatures for the children to meet first hand. Children were introduced to stick insects, snakes and giant African land snails and other fascinating creatures and learnt about their habitats other interesting facts. Children were also taught about conservation and how work that is being done around the world to protect endangered animals.  


Bug hunts

As well as the visit from Shepreth Wildlife park, children took part in a variety of activities including bug hunts in our Forest School area, designing and building enclosures for different animals as well as incorporating their writing and maths in various ways.


Living EGGS

On Monday the school had some 'Living eggs' delivered. The incubator is in Reception Class and the children have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of the first chick! The school were busy guessing which egg might hatch first as well as suggesting names.



At approx 11am on Wednesday our first little chick hatched out. This was watched by children in Reception who were fascinated by the little chick. 


New Friends arrive

It didn't take long for our first chick to be joined by a new friend. Chick number 2 arrived later in the afternoon with many of the children at OSC around to welcome it into the world.