St Anne's Spirit

The St Anne’s Spirit was the result of a school wide project involving pupils, staff and parents. 

It is more than just our Positive Behaviour Policy, it sets the tone for the school and it helps make St Anne’s a special place. 

We have written it so that it is very positive, thanking children for their good behaviour but it is also clear about the consequences of bad behaviour.

Visitors to St Anne’s often comment on the high standards of behaviour from pupils and we want this always to be the case. Ofsted (March 2013) stated "Pupils are very polite and friendly, and their behaviour around school and at playtime is exemplary. Parents, pupils and members of staff are positive about behaviour at the school. Pupils take care to heed 'The St Anne's Spirit' that shows them how to display qualities such as respect honesty and kindness. School records show that instances of poor behaviour and bullying are rare over time but they are tackled by staff quickly and effectively."

Anti-Bullying Policy

We expect every member of staff, every child and every parent to support our anti-bullying ethos.

We do not accept any form of bullying.

We say


We say ‘stand up’ and ‘speak out’.

At our school we define bullying as:

‘Emotionally or physically harmful behaviour which is:

•             Repetitive or persistent

•             Intentionally harmful, carried out by an individual or a group

•             Based on an imbalance of power leaving the person who is bullied feeling defenceless’.

Bullying behaviour across all types of bullying can represent itself in a number of different forms. Children can be bullied in ways that are: physical, verbal, indirect (e.g. by having nasty stories told about then) and electronic / ‘cyberbullying’.

Please click here to read our Anti-Bullying Policy.

You can view and download your own copy of the St Anne's spirit here.

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