At St Anne’s, we strive to provide the children with creative and enjoyable purposes for writing; where possible, the learning is linked with the children’s topics and interests to motivate them.

During daily English lessons, children are taught the skills to become creative, independent writers who are able to apply the technical aspects of writing in a variety of texts types as well as consider the impact of the text on the reader.

English units are taught in phases. During the first phase, children are immersed in a variety of text types that they are able to enjoy, whilst learning and analysing the text’s features in order to use these in their own writing. During this phase, the children practise their speaking and listening skills through activities such as role play and Talk For Writing.

In the second phase, children are taught the grammatical features that they will need to use in order to be able to write in the style that they are learning. Finally, in the third phase, the children apply these new skills, as well their previous learning, to create their final piece of text. This model is adapted to meet the learning needs of the children in different Key Stages, as well as children with different needs within individual classes.

Regular attention is given to the presentation and handwriting in the children’s books as we believe that the children deserve to take pride in the work that they have produced.



This year, the Accelerated Reader programme has been introduced throughout the school and is having a positive impact upon the children’s enthusiasm and achievement in reading. This scheme encourages children to read a wide variety of books and checks their comprehension of the texts. 

In addition to this, the children are taught a variety of skills, such as inference and authorial intent, in small group Guided Reading sessions with adults.

The combination of the Accelerated Reader scheme and Guided reading ensures that reading remains an exciting and vital part of the curriculum at St Anne’s.


The school follows the Letters and Sounds scheme of work in regards to the teaching of phonics within EYFS and KS1. Children in Reception are introduced to individual letter sounds and start to blend them to make words. Children then move on to two and three letter sounds. Within year 1 phonics is taught discretely during the first half our of the day and taught in smaller groups focused on the level the children are working at.