Class 1

Class 1 Teachers

Miss Tavender is one of two teachers that teaches in Class 1. 

Miss Tavender teaches on a Monday and Tuesday. She is also the school SENCo and Assistant Head. Miss Tavender was once a dance teacher before she worked in schools and has a passion for PE. 

Mrs Spyer is one of two teachers who teach in Class 1.

Mrs Spyer teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She has a strong musical background and can play the piano. 

Class 1 support staff

Mrs Minney is the Class 1 Teaching Assistant. She is a Higher Level TA and leads some interventions for children as well as supporting the main class teaching. Mrs Minney says she finds working with our children really rewarding and just loves to read with them. 

Mrs Plummer-Coles provides additional support in Class 1. She enjoys working with the children and supporting them in lots of different ways. 

Mrs O'Kane works in Class 1 most mornings. She helps to provide additional support to children and help's them with their learning. 

Mr Grey is the Sports Coach for the school. He works with teachers and teaching assistants to deliver PE sessions for all of our children. 

Welcome to Class 1

Year 1 is the first year of the National Curriculum, as such there is a more structured environment where children are encourages to further develop their independence ad to take ownership of their learning. 

We aim to grow lively and enquiring minds believing children should always find learning worthwhile and challenging. To do this we scaffold, model and nurture children through their learning so that they can achieve at their own pace and to their best ability. Underpinning all of this is St Anne's Spirit which are the guiding principles of how all members of the St Anne's community should learn, play and be together in line with the schools values and ethos. 

We look forward to sharing your child's learning journey with you and seeing them shine in their own individual ways!