E Safety

Children now are more digitally aware than ever before. From an early age they are starting to discover what the online world has to offer, so it’s important that they’re taught how to navigate content safely and make sure they have the awareness, knowledge and confidence to raise anything they’re not sure about.

All children are taught about E Safety at St Anne's. Our structured curriculum has been developed around the UKCIS Education for a Connected World Framework. This provides are-specific advice about the online knowledge and skills that pupils should have the opportunity to develop at different stages of their lives.

UKCIS Education for a Connected World Framework,

There are three main ways in which St Anne's delivers E Safety to all of our children.

  • built into existing lessons across the curriculum such as PSHE and Computing.
  • covered within specific online safety lessons
  • covered using school-wide approaches such as awareness raising events and activities and school assemblies.

The school subscribes to the National Online Safety organisation that provide detailed teaching resources as well as useful staff CPD to keep staff up to date on the latest areas to be aware of in a fast moving and developing area. The National Online Safety organisation also produce useful resources and materials to support parents and carers in helping their children make the most of the internet whilst keeping them safe online. 

You can find useful documents from the National Online Safety organisation at the bottom of this page. 

St Anne's E Safety Curriculum

St Anne's E Safety curriculum is based on the 8 topics outlined in the UKCIS Education for a Connected World Framework and grouped into three main areas:

 -Self-image & identity / Privacy & Security / Online Reputation.

- Online Relationships / Online Bullying / Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle

- Managing Information online / Copyright and ownership. 


The curriculum coverage for each year group is available here:


E Safety Curriculum EYFS

E Safety Curriculum Year 1

E Safety Curriculum Year 2

E Safety Curriculum Year 3

E Safety Curriculum Year 4

E Safety Curriculum Year 5

E Safety Curriculum Year 6

Useful information for parents and carers