E Safety

Children have been born into a digital world with access to the internet and the world wide web. This can be an amazing tool to help children learn more about the world, make friends and be social as well as play games and be entertained. 

But with this comes risks as well. Technology is changing all the time and it can be hard for parents and carers to keep up. Very often adults can feel like the children know more than they do! Children often want more access to online content than parents would like. For many parents and carers, there  pressure to allow your child to access games and apps when they are much younger than the recommended age restrictions. 

At St Anne's we feel it is our role to support parents in providing information and guidance that helps them know and understand more about the benefits and risks of children's online activities. Below are some useful documents that parents and carers can refer to covering a range of online activities with the emphasis is on keeping children safe. 

We welcome open and honest discussions about children's online activities. If you are worried at all, have further questions and want more advice please do contact your child's teacher or a member of the Designated Safeguarding Team / Senior Leadership Team, to talk about this further in an honest and non judgemental way. We are all here to support and protect children together. 

Below is a link to the schools E Safety Curriculum that is taught in all classes to all children throughout the year.